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About Us

Founded in 1988 by Mr. Joaquim Carvalho, Sacoplex – Industria de impressão de Sacas Plásticas, Lda., was inicially created as familiar company, working exclusivelly on customization of plastic bags.

Through the development and monitoring the market trends, we verified the need to expand the offer to our clients, so we started to produce Paper Bags. Since then, and always focused on client satisfaction, was raised in 2004, the Sacoplex – Comércio de Embalagens, Lda. , led by his son, Paulo Carvalho. The company has growing since the first day, extending the range of products as well as the sustained economic grouth, becoming proud of having achieved a leading position and be a reference on its market.

Having in mind the regular variations in the market and always with premise of creativity, innovation, and total satisfaction of our clients, Sacoplex, today has a portfolio with national and international renowned clients.

Our main activity is the production of Packaging and Paper Bags, made by a self handmade process, with more sophisticated finishes and specially adapted to every customer.

Throughout our history, we have been working towards a single culture, based on a serious, expertise an quality attitude.

In 2011, due growth and quality of our service, Sacoplex has made an important step in its history and builded a new factory with bigger and modern facilities, developping new prodution processes, organization and logistics. At this time, Sacoplex also created an Online Store and a retail store open to the public which works as a Showroom with personalized customer service, where clients can find a wide range of products – more than 2000 references – at an extremely competitive price.

Due to our work and internationalization process of our company, become neccessary in 2015 make a new reorganization of our factory, duplicating its area builded in 2011.

Today, the market recquires creativity, innovation, knowledge, accuracy and quality. Aware this reality, we have highly skilled and experienced technicians who works actively to provide services and products to accurate partners, with single inquiries always with the purpose of achieve the higher patterns of quality.

We are constantly monitoring trends and new techniques, with the aim of stay in the front line of our market.